I have grown up in a world where we have just about any product at our fingertips. I live in a city that is big by West Virginia standards, but i am also just a short drive from even bigger cities. That being said, I have always been exposed to advertising. This past Saturday, i… Continue reading Exposure


Football and politics… two things that you don’t normally combine. 2017 has been an extremely political year, no matter what views you have. With the recent election, oppressed feelings, the war on terror, extreme violence in our nation, and constant social media, we have reached a tipping point as a nation. In recent months, the… Continue reading Football+politics=?

The Journey

In learning about the Consumer Purchase Decision Journey, I learned a little bit about myself. When buying a product, I never think about what lead me to buy something or a particular brand. The Consumer Purchase Decision Journey has evolved through time. The first theory of how customers purchase things was AIDA. While AIDA accounted for… Continue reading The Journey